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March 15-17, 2019 at 8pm nightly

Monument, 140 9th St, San Francisco, CA 94103

This piece meditates on the beauty of repairs and what comes when you allow yourself to fall apart and be put back together. How you put yourself back together is as important as how you break.

Poet and spoken word artist Joyce Lee is back with us from Colombia on a special occasion to tell her stories as the red-thread for this exclusive three day performance. She's joined by supernatural bay area circus and Butoh talents to create an avant-garde mixture of theater, circus and personal stories to tease out an ineffable experience that you'll have to see to believe.

Cast & Crew:

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Past Events

Past Events

The Boy Who Died Wolf

May 11th & May 12th, 2018

Monument, 140 9th St, San Francisco, CA 94103

The show features Jamie DeWolf our storytelling monster accompanied by the physical magic of Darius Drooh, Fleeky Flanco, Rachel Strickland and Anastasia Sauvage. The production also boasts ambitious costume design from Sophia Constance and enjoys visionary Artistic Direction by Ashes Monroe.

After Raised by Wolves and Into the Mouth of the Wolf, this final experience comes full circle and connects us with who we were in the beginning. Before all of the highs and lows, before the trauma, before the transformation, raw and fragile, The Boy Who Died Wolf shows that in order to grow you must first burn the past to the ground. About the monsters inside of us, It is a hallucinogenic blend of circus, true life stories, and the whirlwind of trauma that we all must accept as who we are.

The Boy who Died Wolf is part storytelling part circus show. Storyteller Jamie DeWolf (nationally recognized slam poetry champion and acclaimed storyteller as seen on NPRs Snap Judgement) accompanies a modular collection of world class circus talent known for their genre-breaking work. Our storyteller walks us through illustrated memories that describe literally and metaphorically our youthful arrogance, transformation, and costuming into a monster all the way to the end where we meet him in his vulnerability and fumbling hopes. Each circus act exemplifies some odd facet of this complex jewel our storyteller brings to us.

Cast & Crew:

The Boy Who Died Wolf Trailer

Past Events

Past Events


June 4th-June 7th, 2018

The Midway, San Francisco

An investigation of personal and collective memory using live performance, dance, video, glitch art and neural networks that reveals our fabricated identities in the context of nostalgia.

Produced and directed by Ashes Monroe, pictured in promotional image: Rachel Strickland

  • Sophia Constance - Dance and Butoh
  • Yuko Hata - Dance