• "Ashes Monroe puts together some of the most jarringly beautiful performances; they engage the audience on both a cerebral and a visceral level. See them if you can." - Paul Burry

  • "Kintsukuroi was beautiful and weird, like a surreal hyper-emotional dream" - Jordan Fickel

  • "San Franciscans, this is the BEST event you'll ever see in the city again! And I'm still talking about San Francisco... Don't miss it, or you'll regret it, I promise." - Maria Carolina Fujihara

  • "Run, don't walk! to see the amazing Joyce Lee in the final performance of amazing poetry circus "Kintsukuroi" by WitchTech in San Francisco! Blown away!" - Glynn Washington of Snap Judgement

  • "The shows were raw and emotional and eloquent in a way that really surprised me, the first time I experienced it. I'd truly never seen anything like it before. And the tickets are impossibly cheap given the level of artistry on display. If you are in town for a show, you should seriously cancel whatever plans you need to and go see it, because they don't come around very often, and it's extremely worth it." -Alice Shay Yu

  • "This art and performance group performs and invites you to engage in powerfully healing work. It's been a masterpiece every time I've seen it." -Angela Stucky

  • "What genre would you call this? Ashes Monroe" - Geoff Schmidt

  • "This is the best "Wolf" show in the trilogy. The melding of the circus acts with Jamie's stories is tight and well-integrated. I felt that the stories and the acts illuminated and reflected each other extremely well. Absolutely tour this show!" - Judy Finelli of Pickle Family Circus

  • "These shows aren’t for the faint of heart and can be cathartically moving. I believe in events like these as a necessary release or rite of passage through the chapters of our lives both personally and collectively." - Sophia Constance, performer in 'Kintsukuroi'

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”

- Arthur C. Clarke, The Three Laws

Fleeky Flanco

Fleeky Flanco - Hand-balancing and Contortion

About Fleeky Flanco

Fleeky is a hand-balancer and contortionist known for his performances in his long-time home of San Francisco, CA as well as abroad. Frequently appearing in Berlin's Wintergarten Variete shows and in his own productions at Circus Automatic, he seeks new innovations in the intertwining of circus and technology.

Performed in:

The Boy who Died Wolf, Down with the Ship

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