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Shadows on Cave Walls

May 9th, 2020

Online Performance

In light of the Shelter-in-place order and Covid-19 we're creating a streaming show over Twitch/Zoom/Jitsi to celebrate togetherness in spite of our distance. Gather around the digital fire and let us tell you stories and make shapes on the wall with our human bodies. 'Shadows on Cave Walls' is an investigation of human perception and storytelling as a vital part of our humanity.

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Current Events

The Somnia Experiments

March 19-March 22, 2020

private location, San Francisco

A grassroots gallery showing of performance and materials research for large future production of 'Somnia', an interactive, immersive theater about the future of mankind held by Artificial Intelligence on the planet Mars.

This event has since been cancelled due to Covid-19. We will potentially organize a live-streaming of the art and performance, please sign up to our mailing list for further updates.


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WitchTech is on tour and possibly coming to a city near you!

We're testing a new level of engagement and expanding our boundaries and we need your support. Join our inner circle and contribute directly to a vibrant, challenging and innovative art scene in San Francisco, Berlin, New York, Chicago and beyond.

Touring Updates

When we'll be where.

WitchTech is currently in San Francisco!

We're looking for performers, artists and venues to perform in! If you'd like to talk to us about a future collaboration please reach out. We'll be here until early April.

Berlin: July 31st - Oct 12 2019

NYC: October 12 - October 16 2019

Chicago: October 17 - January 31st, 2020

San Francisco: February 1st - April 5th, 2020



Memento Vivere

June 29th, 6pm-1am

2786-2788 Bush street, San Francisco

The Last exhibit before their European tour, WitchTech Rituals presents an immersive art installation by director Ashes Monroe. The first in a series of explorative, immersive, and theatrical art spaces. If you're interested in San Francisco's underground art scene you'll want to make a stop by this transformed ephemeral pop-up in the Fillmore district provided graciously by the Artivism unused spaces project.

Located at 2786-2788 Bush street, at intervals from 6pm to 9pm you'll be guided through the 'sub-conscious' immersive art project in one space, before being led up to the 'conscious' mind where a more classical arrangement of art pieces awaits you and you can chat with the artist and performers. After 9pm the exhibit will transform into a relaxed social event and you can wander through the space freely.

'Memento Mori' is a latin expression for 'remember that you will die' , which expresses the awareness of mortality, with an emphasis on death as a trigger to prioritizing what truly matters in life. 'Memento Vivere', latin for 'remember that you must live' is a comment on this expression, with the added sentiment that we may somehow be distracted by our past memories as we live our lives. We are a collection of memories, dreams, aspirations; an entanglement of experience and reconciliation of those experiences. Our identity is a story that we tell ourselves using these experiences. Each time we see, smell, feel or hear something, a memory is created or entangled with past memories, coincidentally changing our past, future, and the ephemeral space that we call the present.

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Past Events


March 15-17, 2019 at 8pm nightly

Monument, 140 9th St, San Francisco, CA 94103

This piece meditates on the beauty of repairs and what comes when you allow yourself to fall apart and be put back together. How you put yourself back together is as important as how you break.

Poet and spoken word artist Joyce Lee is back with us from Colombia on a special occasion to tell her stories as the red-thread for this exclusive three day performance. She's joined by supernatural bay area circus and Butoh talents to create an avant-garde mixture of theater, circus and personal stories to tease out an ineffable experience that you'll have to see to believe.

Cast & Crew:
This event is over but you can still support future events through Patreon!
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Kintsukuroi Trailer

Kintsukuroi Teaser and Media